The Book of Semi-Fiction (TBoSF) is a multimedia spatial performance featuring live sound, dance and installations. It explores the themes of virtuality and reality.

Video of the full performance (12min)

Time and space are abstract concepts that are often regarded as something virtual, for that they cannot be touched like a chair by the human hand. However, without time and space we wouldn’t be able to perceive the physical world around us.
Therefore, virtuality and reality can only be defined by their relativity to each other. Humans tend to not believe what they don’t know and our knowledge is limited by our own physical capabilities. Just because we can’t see the colors that bees and butterflies are able to see, doesn’t mean these colors don’t exist.
TBoSF aims to reexamine the boundary between what is real and what is fake through choreography, spatial narration and performance.

Graphic Design for the event

Yuhan Du and Zihan Zhao

Yuchen Wu
Hsinyu Wu
Yang Xu
Beichen Hu
Yuhan Du

Jung Latch

Haolin Zuo

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