Project role: Graphic designer, projection designer, exhibition designer

Euetopsy poster design by Yuhan Du

Waste is intimate. It’s private. A portal into our lives, our rubbish can reveal plenty about who we are as human beings, collectively and individually. Euetopsy — literally “seeing waste” — aims to examine the rubbish and waste within the realm of the Archiectural Association (AA). Individually, we will look at case study spaces and analyse the types of trash found in them. Collectively, we reimagine the space of the AA through the waste it generates. 

Projection design: Yuhan Du

Inspired by the Situationist International's concept of the Dérive, our group of five people conducted our own Dérive in the AA by looking at the rubbish people left behind and moved on from. We believe that rubbish is an interesting data point in our lives. What we use, what we eat, what we once cared about but no longer do. Our rubbish and their contents come from all over the world. How did they get here? What are the raw materials they are made of? What was their “life” before “death”?
The first part of the exhibition is the Rubbish of AA Mental Map, which is created through collaging the collected photos of rubbish found in the AA. In behaviour geography, a mental map is a personal perception of an area of interaction. Through collaging photos of found rubbish based on the logic of ground-wall-window as well as indoor-outdoor relationship, we present a reimagined version of the AA. 

Poster design by Yuhan Du

The second part of the exhibition showcases the rubbish we collected in the AA during our Dérive. We created profiles for a handful of waste samples and researched their background information such as material, origin and use. We then presented these found data at the exhibition so that visitors could learn about where their daily single-use coffee cups might come from.

Waste data collection and display

In the last section of the exhibition, we asked visitors to leave a piece of their waste with us. Before “donating” their rubbish, though, they were asked to fill out a small form with questions regarding their rubbish, such as "why are you throwing it away?" and "what was it used for?" By pausing and asking ourselves these questions before discarding waste, we rethink our relationship to our surroundings.

Final event photography

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