Motion graphics for Curing Nature

'Curing Nature' was a group project featuring seven performers, a soundtrack and a music video. The result was a multi-sensory performance that guides the audience through a meditation on nature.
As the lead director of the project, I mixed and produced the final soundtrack for the performance, directed and edited the music video, and designed the set where the performance took place.
This performance was a part of the AAIS (Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio) sound workshop.

Set design concept

Overall concept diagram

Inspired by practices such as forest bathing, ‘Curing Nature’ is a sound, film + performance piece that explores the theme of curing and being cured by the natural environment.

Experiencing ‘Nature’ is becoming increasingly difficult for the majority of people living in busy cities. Even when we do go to natural parks or hikes, it feels as though there is a thin membrane between us and the natural world. We are protected by our processed world, we feel safe; yet a sense of disturbance and anxiety persists, reminding us how ‘unnatural’ we have become.

‘Curing Nature’ aspires spending time with Nature and learning from its power of healing, as we advance in our climate crisis.

Event Photos

Yuhan Du
Music and Performance
Yi Zhao, Yuxin Wang, Qiran Zhao, Jingting Lin, Jinfan Guo, Chufan Chen, Yuhan Du
Andy Dean and KG Patarita Tassanarapan

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